quinta-feira, 30 de agosto de 2012

Ferals #8 nas Bancas

New This Week – FERALS #8

David Lapham and Gabriel Andrade deliver the very best in sex ‘n’ gore in Ferals #8, available today at your local comic shop!
Dale Chesnutt is a pawn in a deadly game and he still doesn’t see the people moving the pieces. With the FBI whispering in his ear and a growing animal ferocity changing him in ways he doesn’t understand, he soon discovers that the Feral threat is much wider spread than they thought. And when he comes face-to-face with several full-blown Ferals, the time comes to discover for whom he is fighting.
Ferals #8 comes in a variety of different cover editions, all of which are beautiful (if you find bloodletting beautiful, of course)! Our available covers include Regular, Gore, and Wraparound. Select retailers may also have the Slashed Incentive edition available for sale to their patrons.

FERALS #8 Regular Edition
Cover by Gabriel Andrade
$3.99 US Retail, Item Code: 

FERALS #8 Gore Edition
Cover by Gabriel Andrade
$3.99 US Retail, Item Code: JUL120814

FERALS #8 Wraparound Edition
Cover by Gabriel Andrade
$3.99 US Retail, Item Code: JUL120813

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