quarta-feira, 22 de agosto de 2012

Ferals #7

Join David Lapham (Stray BulletsCrossed: Badlands) and Gabriel Andrade (Lady Death) as the second story arc in the Ferals saga explodes with supercharged violence!
When last we saw Dale Chesnutt, he was pretty @#$%ed up.  Torn to shreds, barely alive, hallucinating from the blood loss… and yet, how does he manage to survive the aftermath of the FBI’s epic raid.  Faced with the authority and threat of the Bureau, Dale surrenders to their control… or so they think.  What exactly happened to Dale and who are the Ferals?
Ferals #7 is available in a handful of variant cover editions, allowing fans the freedom of choice! Our available covers include Regular, Gore, and Wraparound. Select retailers may also have the Slashed Incentive edition available for sale to their patrons.

FERALS #7 Regular Edition
Cover by Gabriel Andrade
$3.99 US Retail, Item Code: 

FERALS #7 Gore Edition
Cover by Gabriel Andrade
$3.99 US Retail, Item Code: JUN120878

FERALS #7 Wraparound Edition
Cover by Gabriel Andrade
$3.99 US Retail, Item Code: JUN120877

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