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Palestra no FLIQ

Esse é apenas alguns trechos da palestra feita por min, Wendell Cavalcante e Geraldo Borges(DC Comics) no FLIQ.

terça-feira, 25 de outubro de 2011

FERALS - 2012

I'm very excited with this work. I love police stories and this book is amazing. Work with David Lapham is wonderful.

Media Release -- Comic book and graphic novel publisher Avatar Press proudly announces the latest addition to its expanding line of horror fiction with the ongoing monthly FERALS series, written by genre legend David Lapham (Stray Bullets, Crossed 3D). Featuring the full-color artwork of Gabriel Andrade (Lady Death), FERALS is the carnage-filled tale of an idyllic town besieged by a new breed of werewolves… a new culture, even. The debut #1 issue is solicited through Diamond Comic Distributor's November Previews catalog for release at comic retail shops in early January 2012.
FERALS #1 introduces Officer Dale Chesnutt, a lawman with a big, bloody problem. Slaughtered civilians are turning up in the sleepy town of Cypress, and the burden falls on him to end the slaughter. But no sooner does he begin his investigation, then he finds himself violently drawn to a sexy, mysterious woman… and a vicious creature strikes again, this time at Dale's own family.
With its noir feel and small town domestic setting, FERALS brings writer David Lapham to his roots as the creator of the critically acclaimed Stray Bullets series. "It starts with small town people with their own little Peyton Place dynamic and a small town cop named Dale Chesnutt, who is a charmer, a womanizer, a screw-up," says Lapham. "He suddenly is hit by the 'stray bullets' and finds himself in a whole new world that's plenty dark and twisted."
With popular supernatural dramas like True Blood and American Horror Story updating horror concepts like vampires and ghosts, FERALS will bring the legendary werewolf mythos into a modern context, but with a radical new slant. According to Lapham, "This isn't a take on the mystical werewolf, full moon and all that. The classic werewolf is about a monster, a monster story. FERALS is a drama and a noir where being feral is a very real thing. This is about a different kind of person. A person who is feral could be your neighbor and you wouldn't know it; he doesn't change when he's pissed or when the moon is full. Ferals are real and have their own culture, their own thoughts, history, and plans."
For the past two years, Avatar Press has happily been the home to David Lapham's horror tales, including the supernatural Caligula series and his contributions to the runaway success franchise Crossed (including miniseries Crossed: Family Values and Crossed: Psychopath, plus the record-setting bestseller Crossed 3D), wherein the world is overrun by madmen. While his reputation for twisted storytelling was cemented with Avatar's fans, Crossed devotees especially should expect a completely different feel from FERALS. "That's the real trick – not just make Crossed with fur. FERALS ongoing and we're following certain characters that we'll come to know and see evolve through the series. It's about what happens when you stick your nose into other people's business. This is about live and let live …or else, die horribly."
As with many of their comic books, Avatar Press will offer several different cover editions of each FERALS issue, providing fans with the freedom of choice for which graphic, visceral images they want to collect. All cover artwork for issue #1 will be provided by series artist Andrade.

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FLIQ 2011 - Natal-RN

Os mundos dos quadrinhos e da literatura se encontraram para a Feira de Livros e Quadrinhos de Natal, que aconteceu entre os dias 17 e 21 de outubro, na Praça Cívica do Campus/UFRN. 

Com um ambiente reservado para autores locais e nacionais que estejam lançando livros, quadrinhos e cordéis, o Espaço do Autor promoveu o encontro dos escritores com os seus leitores, permitindo a troca de conversas e autógrafos. Já o Espaço do Cordel reuniu vários cordelistas do RN, possibilitando que a arte popular e a cantoria permeiem os labirintos da FLiQ.
Eu estive lá, e na quinta feira fizemos um bate papo muito bacana entre eu e os artistas Wendell Cavalcanti e Geraldo Borges.

Foi um evento muito bacana e com muitas atrações curiosas.
Valeu galera que nos prestigiou nesse super evento na cidade de Natal-RN.

Geraldo Borges, Spacca, Wendel Cavalcanti  e Gabriel Andrade

Bate papo com Ivan Cabral, Miguel Rude e Brum

Bate Papo com Wendell Cavalcanti, Gabriel Andrade Jr  e Geraldo Borges

terça-feira, 18 de outubro de 2011

NewYork ComicCon

William Christensen  and  Klebs Jr.

New York Comic Con is the East Coast's biggest and most exciting popular culture convention. Our show floor plays host to the latest and greatest in comics, graphic novels, anime, manga, video games, toys, movies, and television. The panels and autograph sessions give fans a chance to interact with their favorite creators. Our screening rooms feature sneak peeks at films and television shows months before they hit either big or small screens.
New York Comic Con is the second largest pop culture convention in America and the only one that takes place in the comic book, publishing, media, and licensing capital of the world .

My Agent Klebs Jr. was there and found  William Christensen, the Avatar Press Editor-in-Chief, in photo high up, In background my art work in covers of Lady Death and Ferals(release).


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quarta-feira, 5 de outubro de 2011


Olá pessoal Convido todos para prestigiar a Feira de Livros e Quadrinhos de Natal, que 
acontece entre os dias 17 e 21 de outubro, na Praça Cívica do Campus/UFRN. A FliQ. 

Entre as atrações, o Reinaldo Figueiredo do Caceta e Planeta e o Lobão.
E na quinta feira 20-10, Mesa Redonda as 19h às 20h – Desenhando Comics.

Convidados: Geraldo Borges, Gabriel Andrade Jr. e Wendell Cavalcanti.

Estarei esperando Vocês, Abraço