sábado, 21 de dezembro de 2013

Ferals Chapter 3 Leads to All Out War

David Lapham’s redefining of the werewolf mythology into a vital, horrifying, and vicious survival tale has been one of the must-read horror comics of the past few years.  Dale Chesnutt is a flawed sheriff and a feral man that has become more than anyone thought he could.  His position straddling the fence between two worlds has been a difficult balancing act that he can no longer manage.  The time has come to choose.
Everything in the first 18 issues of the series has been leading to this…the tipping point.  As the government crossed a pivotal line and now, the Feral community which has been hidden for so long is ready for all out war.  Fans of classic werewolf stories, violent survival horror, and action oriented drama need to check out this latest chapter of Ferals.  Ask your local comic shop to order a copy of this groundbreaking trade for you today!

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